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Tesla Model Y Long Range KW V3 Coilover

RM 14,900.00

KW V3 coilover

Unlimited individuality for performance & comfort.
Damping forces can be adjustment separately in rebound & compression.
Our engineers have developed a sporty yet harmonious basic setup, as with any KW coilover kit. To be able to guarantee the perfect suspension setup we test on our KW 7-post rig, as well as extensive driving tests on country roads, motorways and even on the Nürburgring Nordschleife. For years, the KW V3 coilover is one of the top aftermarket products and is a benchmark for coilovers. It convinces sports car drivers, tuner, large-and small series manufacturer such as Alpina, MTM, Manthey, Oettinger and many more leading companies in the international automotive industry with its damping characteristics, quality finish and durability.

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